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Sample Guestbook

Hi there! This is a sample/simple guestbook I wrote to learn CherryPy's ropes. The guestbook has a silly name which shouldn't affect it's functionality ;-) Actually I used it like a sentinel to see if I was outputting UTF-8 encoded data (looks like it's working).

Even though it's simple it requires:

PostgreSQL schema (because I hate examples that use XML!)

CREATE TABLE "public"."tblentry" (
  "entryid" SERIAL, 
  "entrytext" VARCHAR(1000) NOT NULL, 
  "entryauthor" VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, 
  "entryemail" VARCHAR(255), 
  "entryparentid" NUMERIC DEFAULT 0, 
  CONSTRAINT "tblentry_pkey" PRIMARY KEY("entryid")

Then download the zip below. The CSS is inside the icons directory because I was too lazy to create a separate directory for it and I was too lazy to test it with IE but it actually looks nice in Firefox... and you ARE using Firefox, right?!?

The admin area of the guestbook is reachable at http://localhost:8080/Admin

  • username: admin
  • password: glenda

That's all folks! Take care.


P.S Please note that if you download the tar.gz there is a mis-routing comment in the .py file which has been removed in the .zip version. You actually need to run it with a config file. Simple as that!


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