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How to use SQLObject with one connection per thread

This example follows the CherryPyDatabase? recipe.

Many database libraries are not thread safe and can have problems when connections are shared between threads. SQLite has this problem and will be used in the example below. SQLObject solves this problem with the ConnectionHub? connection. The following needs to be done:

  • Create the SQLObject connection with ConnectionHub?.
  • Tell CherryPy to set up the connection when each thread starts up.

Here is an example:

import cherrypy
from sqlobject import *
from sqlobject.sqlite.sqliteconnection import SQLiteConnection

# Create the ConnectionHub object
conn = dbconnection.ConnectionHub() 

class Test(SQLObject):
    """ Basic table object that has one field (name) """
    _connection = conn
    name = StringCol()

class Root:
    def index(self):
        """ Page will print each name in the database """
        names =
        for name in names:
            yield '<br>' = True

    def reset(self):
        """ Run this page first to create the table, and add data """
        return "Reset Complete" = True 

def connect(threadIndex):
    """ Function to create a connection at the start of the thread """
    conn.threadConnection = SQLiteConnection('test.db')

# Tell cherrypy to run the connect() function when creating threads
cherrypy.engine.on_start_thread_list = [connect]

# Start the server

When you run the example make sure to access http://localhost:8080/reset first to set up the database and create the table.

Older versions

replace this with this
2.2cherrypy.quickstart(Root())cherrypy.root = Root()
2.0import cherrypyfrom cherrypy import cpg as cherrypy

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