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Quixote _q_lookup emulation in CherryPy 2.2

Courtesy of cherrypy (at)

def traverse(func):
        Desperate attempt at implementing Quixote's _q_lookup functionality in CherryPy.
        Using this decorator a default method can return an object to continue path traversal.
        Makes REST style paths like /object/123/ and /object/123/edit possible without big
        switch blocks in object's default method..
        This decorator also exposes the page.
        def wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):
                import types
                result = func(self, *args, **kwargs)
                if isinstance(result, object) and not isinstance(result, (basestring, types.GeneratorType)):
                        # do _q_lookup style directory traversal
                        path = cherrypy.request.path
                        if len(args)==1:
                                # this is the end of the traversal
                                # make sure the path ends with a /
                                if not path.endswith('/'):
                                        raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect(path+'/')
                                # and then just call index
                                m = getattr(result, 'index', None)
                                if m and getattr(m, 'exposed', False):
                                        return m(**kwargs)
                                        raise cherrypy.NotFound(cherrypy.request.path+'/'+args[0])
                                # still some parts to handle
                                m = getattr(result, args[1], None)
                                if m and getattr(m, 'exposed', False):
                                        if len(path)>1 and path.endswith('/'):
                                                # make sure the path doesn't end with a /
                                                raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect(path[:-1])
                                        return m(*args[2:], **kwargs)
                                        # call 'default' method if it exists
                                        m = getattr(result, 'default', None)
                                        if m and getattr(m, 'exposed', False):
                                                return m(*args[1:], **kwargs)
                                                raise cherrypy.NotFound(cherrypy.request.path+'/'+args[1])
                        # normal result, no traversal
                        return result = True
        return wrapper


class TraverseTest(object):

        exposed = True
        n = None

        def __init__(self, n=42):
                self.n = n

        def show(self):
                yield "Hello from show! %s" % self.n

        def index(self):
                yield "Hello from index! %s" % self.n

        def default(self, *args, **kwargs):
                        i = int(args[0])
                except ValueError:
                        return "'%s' is not an integer, won't traverse" % args[0]
                        return TraverseTest(args[0])

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