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Here's a tool that will help CP handle JSON. If a POST or PUT request has a Content-Type of "application/json", this will take the request body and turn it into a Python object using simplejson, and pass it to the handler as params['JSON'].

If a GET request has an Accept header of "application/json", this will take whatever you return from the handler and turn it into a JSON string and return that instead.

import cherrypy
import simplejson

def json_intercept_inbound_tool():
    """If a request has Content-Type of application/json, process the body as a JSON object and pass it to the handler as params['JSON']."""
    if cherrypy.request.method in ("POST", "PUT") and cherrypy.request.headers['content-type'].lower() == "application/json":
        json_string =
        cherrypy.request.params['JSON'] = simplejson.loads(json_string) = cherrypy.Tool('before_handler', json_intercept_inbound_tool)

def json_intercept_outbound_tool():
    """If a request's Content-Type is application/json, and method is GET,convert the return value to a JSON string"""
    if cherrypy.request.method in ("GET") and cherrypy.request.headers['Accept'].lower() == "application/json":
        cherrypy.response.body = simplejson.dumps(cherrypy.response.body)
        cherrypy.response.headers["Content-Type"] = "application/json" = cherrypy.Tool('before_finalize', json_intercept_outbound_tool)

# To include this:
# from tools import json_interceptor
# Include the following in your config to turn these on:
# Turn on json intercept tool:
#             'tools.json_intercept_inbound.on':True,
#             'tools.json_intercept_outbound.on':True,

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