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Email On Error

Sometimes it can be useful to have CherryPy email you when something has gone terribly wrong. In this case, we want to send an email with a full traceback and headers when an unhandled exception is raised.

import logging
def my_log_traceback(severity=logging.CRITICAL):
    """Write the last error's headers and traceback to the cherrypy error log witih a CRITICAL severity."""
    from cherrypy import _cperror
    h = ["  %s: %s" % (k, v) for k, v in cherrypy.request.header_list]
    cherrypy.log('\nRequest Headers:\n' + '\n'.join(h) + '\n\n' + _cperror.format_exc(), "HTTP", severity=severity) = cherrypy.Tool('before_error_response', my_log_traceback)

# set up an SMTP handler to mail when the CRITICAL error occurs
from logging import handlers
h = handlers.SMTPHandler('localhost', 'from@localhost', 'to@localhost', 'CherryPy Error')

You probably also want to configure CherryPy to not show the user the traceback:

'request.show_tracebacks' : False

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