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Using CherryPy with Dejavu

Dejavu is an Object-Relational Mapper library, supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, shelve, and custom stores. To use it with CherryPy, we create a new sandbox for each request, using a tool which then cleans it up for us automatically:

import types
import cherrypy
from cherrypy._cperror import format_exc

def flush_sandbox():
    if hasattr(cherrypy.request, "sandbox"):
                cherrypy.log(format_exc(), "DEJAVU")
            del cherrypy.request.sandbox

def try_flush_sandbox():
        # If the body is being streamed, we have to save the data
        #   *after* the response has been written out
        cherrypy.request.hooks.attach('on_end_request', flush_sandbox)
        # If the body is not being streamed, we save the data now
        if isinstance(cherrypy.response.body, types.GeneratorType):

class SandboxTool(cherrypy.Tool):
    def _setup(self):
        cherrypy.request.sandbox = arena.new_sandbox()
        cherrypy.Tool._setup(self) = SandboxTool('on_end_resource', try_flush_sandbox)

Turn it on and then reference cherrypy.request.sandbox in your page handlers. In your startup script (the one that calls cherrypy.server.start), write:


The filename should be that of a Dejavu configuration file. How's *that* for simple integration? :)

Her's a simple example demonstrating how to use the sandbox in your page handler:

import dejavu
from dejavu import Unit, UnitProperty

# global dejavu arena which will handle 
# all the dejavu work
arena = dejavu.Arena()

# Creates a specific unit that will handle our messages
# This will have only one single field
# that will be translated into a column
# in the database we'll be using
class Message(Unit):
    # Note two things:
    # 1. We do not explicitly specify an ID field
    #    as dejavu does it already
    # 2. The property is per-class not per-instance
    content = UnitProperty(unicode)
class Root(object):
    def __init__(self):
        # Purely for this example purpose we enable dejavu's log 
        # to see what SQL queries dejavu generates
        arena.logflags += dejavu.logflags.SQL
        arena.logflags += dejavu.logflags.FORGET
        # Add a store to the dejavu arena
        # The storage we choose is a SQLite in-memory database
        # that will disappear once the process exits
        arena.add_store("main", "sqlite", {'Database': ":memory:"})

        # Inform the arena which unit we will be dealing with
        # Let's explicitly allocate the space 
        # in the storage for our unit (i.e. translated into a db table here)
    def index(self):
        page = """<html>
            <title>Dejavu sample</title>

        # let's retrieve all existing messages from the storage
        messages = cherrypy.request.sandbox.recall(Message)
        for message in messages:
            # adding them to the HTML code of our page
            page = page + '<span style="display:block;">%s</span>' % message.content

        # and a way too add new messages
        page = page + """
          <form action="/save" method="post">
             <input type="text" name="message" />
             <input type="submit" />
        return page

    def save(self, message):
        # Let's create a Message instance...
        msg = Message(content=message)

        # ... that we then tell the sandbox, managed
        # by the CherryPy tool, to track.
        # The actual storing into the underlying storage
        # (i.e. the database INSERT) happens in the
        # cherrypy tool

        raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect('/')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    conf = {'/': {'tools.sandbox.on': True}}
    cherrypy.quickstart(Root(), '/', conf)

Older versions


class DejavuSandboxFilter(object):
    """Creates and auto-flushes a Dejavu Sandbox for each request."""
    def onStartResource(self):
        """Called after the request body has been read/parsed"""
        cherrypy.request.sandbox = endue.arena.new_sandbox()
    def onEndRequest(self):
        """Called after writing the response (header & body included)"""
        if hasattr(cherrypy.request, "sandbox"):
                    cherrypy.log(_cputil.formatExc(), "DEJAVU")
                del cherrypy.request.sandbox

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