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A framework that provides for browser event handling on the CherryPy server and (simulated) server data pushes out to the web browser. Includes a simple chat server to demonstrate the code.



The CherryChat? example does not work for me. I am using win98se and python 2.4. When I run the CherryChat? program, then open up IE to http://localhost:8080, it keeps spamming the window with '1 joined the chat' over and over. When I open up another browser to http://localhost:8080, it spams both browsers with '2 joined the chat' over and over and over again. When I type something in and hit 'send' it only shows up in the browser I typed it into, and it doesn't always even do that.

--- 6/27/05: I'll take a look at that. I tested w/IE on XP and Firefox on Linux. Kevin


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