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CAS Authentication

This is a simple module that allows the usage of CAS Authentication for CAS 2.0. The module sets tickets and validates user names using sessions. Included is the CASAuth Module and an example of the module's implementation.

This information and further CAS information can be found at [Jasig's] website.

import cherrypy
import xml.etree.ElementTree
import urllib

def CASAuth(cas_server,service_url):
    if cherrypy.session.get('user'):
        #DEBUG: user is validated by existing session cookie
        cherrypy.session['validated_by'] = "session attribute"
    elif 'ticket' in cherrypy.request.params:
        #need to validate ticket
        ticket = cherrypy.request.params['ticket']
        #generate URL for ticket validation 
        cas_validate = cas_server + "/cas/serviceValidate?ticket=" + ticket + "&service=" + service_url
        f_xml_assertion = urllib.urlopen(cas_validate)
        if not f_xml_assertion:
            raise cherrypy.HTTPError(401, 'Unable to authenticate: trouble retrieving assertion from CAS to validate ticket.')

        #parse CAS XML assertion into a ElementTree
        assertion_tree = xml.etree.ElementTree.parse(f_xml_assertion)
        if not assertion_tree:
            raise cherrypy.HTTPError(401, 'Unable to authenticate: trouble parsing XML assertion.')

        #find <cas:user> in ElementTree
        for e in assertion_tree.iter():
            #print "DEBUG: Found tag '%s'" % e.tag
            if e.tag != "{}user":
            user_name = e.text
        if not user_name:
            #couldn't find <cas:user> in the tree
            raise cherrypy.HTTPError(401, 'Unable to validate ticket: could not locate cas:user element.')
        #add username to session
        cherrypy.session['user'] = user_name

        #DEBUG: user is validated by initial ticket instance
        cherrypy.session['validated_by'] = "ticket"
        #option a
        #leaves ticket=..... param in browser's URL
        #del cherrypy.request.params['ticket']

        #option b
        #redirect to a clean service URL (without ticket=... param)
        #note: may cause usability issues if accessing a URL other than
        #initial Service URL with an expired session
        raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect(service_url)
        #no existing session; no ticket to validate
        #redirect to CAS to retrieve new ticket
        raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect(cas_server + "/cas/login?service=" + service_url)

HelloCAS implements the above module.

import cherrypy
import CASAuth

#create test index page
class HelloCAS(object):
    def index(self):
        return "%s is logged in, validated by %s" % (cherrypy.session.get('user'), cherrypy.session.get('validated_by')) = True                

#create a custom cherrypy tool that will authenticate all page handlers using CAS = cherrypy.Tool('before_handler', CASAuth.CASAuth)

#populate your cas server and service URLs
SERVICE_URL = "http://localhost:8080/"

                        #'server.socket_host': '', #if you are running this on ec2, uncomment
                        #'server.socket_port': 8080,      #so you can access by host address
                        'tools.sessions.on': True,
                        'tools.CASAuth.on': True,
                        'tools.CASAuth.cas_server': CAS_SERVER,
                        'tools.CASAuth.service_url': SERVICE_URL})


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