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change "" to ""?

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I've noticed this trac instance will host not only tools but any other recipe or snippet of code cherrypy related.

I do like the idea but I fear calling it "tools" may cause some misunderstanding among newbies, I even think it's not the best name given cherrypy 3 already has a well established meaning for the word "tools".

Since, correct me if I'm wrong, you will give full access to everyone that wants to "contribute" something, I do think the best name it's really:

It clearly explain that here you will find things contributed by others and that you can also contribute something. ;-)

What do you think guys?

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I think this question leaves the realm of programming and lands firmly in the land of marketing. In that crazy world, everyone is already confused. The trick is to leverage that confusion.

Everyone already thinks every extension in 2.x should be implemented as a filter, even when it shouldn't be. Plenty of people have spent much time and energy deflecting contributors away by saying "that's not what filters do". We need to turn that around for 3.x and make the name an attractor instead, and "contrib" (or "public" or what-have-you) is too sterile IMO.

(Most) people don't start out thinking, "here's an interface T I can use to extend CherryPy; what's a good feature X that can go in there?" Instead, they say, "I need to extend CherryPy with feature X; what interface will I use?" Their first thought is "tool" already. What will they Google: "cherrypy contrib" or "cherrypy tools"?

So will people conflate the word "tool" with "extension"? You bet. There's nothing we can do to stop that. Let's change it from a weakness into a strength. And if someone's contribution doesn't end up being implemented as a what?

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